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Smile Media - An Entertainment Viral PlatformSmile Media - An Entertainment Viral Platform

A humor web application disigned for content to go viral in a beautiful manner and a fast way.

Courier Deprixa - Integrated Web systemCourier Deprixa - Integrated Web system

Courier DEPRIXA It is a software designed for companies that handle loads that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and handling of cargo to its final destination

Password KeeperPassword Keeper

Password Keeper helps store your notes and passwords in an encrypted way. It is responsive, therefore accessible from any device. It uses MySQL for storage. The script has multiple languages and themes and has a MVC structure.

Invoiced Flexible invoicing application with APIInvoiced Flexible invoicing application with API

Invoiced – The last invoicing and billing application you’ll need!

Leadbook a Lead management systemLeadbook a Lead management system

LeadBook let you manage your contacts into leads and then sales. It is simple software let you create leads for your various products and services.

Oringin - Onepage HTML5 TemplateOringin - Onepage HTML5 Template

Oringin is a creative and high quality responsive template. It is well organized and very easy to costumize.

Haturi - Construction BusinessHaturi - Construction Business

HATURI is a fully customizable responsive Retina display support stunning HTML5 template for creating online presence for Construction, Remodeling, Renovation, Handyman and Building companies.

An easy notification toolbar cookieAn easy notification toolbar cookie

Making a notification toolbar with simple javascript and php.

Our Photo StreamOur Photo Stream

Photostream of almost all images that we have posted! is a new online catalog which aspires to become one of the first Greek directories
with emphasis on networking and web promotion through social users.

About this redesign

As we include new services, we find that is difficult the old design to follow those new expectations, so, we started redesign our website from scratch.

To redesign a site is not an easy task, especially when the content generated by CMS and has full automated scripts. Many things need to change and this requires lot of thinking, and much more work...

We wanted to keep the old concept but at the same time to give a fresh note of a modern website, we believe that we succeeded, and this makes us proud!

Give a moment to write your thoughts.

We are almost ready!

PHP / MySql 92%
HTML / RDFa 74%
CSS3 97%
Javascript 80%

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