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Harley PhotosHarley Photos

A small collection of photos and wallpapers of Harley Davidson.

Greek salad, the right one!Greek salad, the right one!

Starting this new area about food & recipes I liked to mention the right way to make a Greek salad.
When I was living in Netherlands in Gorinchem, in an event, created and brought everyone their own food, so I make a salad and everyone just go crazy!

Delicious and easy chocolate souffleDelicious and easy chocolate souffle

Chocolate soufflé is one of my favorite desserts, no doubt about this. I love those molten bites full of taste when I drink my coffee, and until now I had difficult times to bake the right one... but, one friend of me gave me this wonderful and easy recipe!

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As we include new services, we find that is difficult the old design to follow those new expectations, so, we started redesign our website from scratch.

To redesign a site is not an easy task, especially when the content generated by CMS and has full automated scripts. Many things need to change and this requires lot of thinking, and much more work...

We wanted to keep the old concept but at the same time to give a fresh note of a modern website, we believe that we succeeded, and this makes us proud!

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We are almost ready!

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