What we evaluate before adding a website

Simply4all.net is a Human edited directory and is quite specialized, submission is FREE without asking Reciprocal link, (Although we would have liked) the links that posted giving them special attention that's why we do not use rel="nofollow" (there are exceptions for certain types of websites).
Before authorizing the inclusion of your site in the list, we checking several points on your website based on our policy, our initial concern for any website is the «quality content» however there are a range of issues where we need to evaluate, like the reliability of a site, the purpose, unique content, and many other.
To make an entry accepted authors should strictly follow the policy that we have created, we give below a list of the points that we check for each website and the requirements we ask before we integrate it to our catalog.

Reliability of the Site

The reliability of a website based on verified content without inaccuracies, should be easy to use, easy to navigate and has high speed download page. As an example, a large-scale commercial website or a University website has greater credibility to the content of a site that has been created by an enthusiastic user of the internet.
Websites which contain ratings and comments by users visiting the website give a weight to credibility.
Website referred from other sites adds special emphasis as trustworthy site.
Websites from research centers and Non-profit Organizations.
Professional site according to the purpose of the website, when verifying the accuracy of the content and when they provide the physical contact information.
Websites that prove their concerns about users and user information. For example, include (and implement) privacy policy and provide secure pages for sensitive data when required.

Accessibility and functionality are indicators of quality.
Websites that follow the standards and help to navigate and generally gives assistance for people with reading disabilities.
The uptime of a website, slow or fast speed web access, lack of functionality, no reply to email where is declared to accept in the website.

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Purpose Site / Content

It is important for a site content to fulfill a unique purpose, otherwise the contents of the site can be considered to have no purpose and therefore be considered low quality.
The purpose of a website should be specific, generalities do not benefit, especially when it's a site that has a specific/expert name.
E.g. Domain with specific name specific-name-for-shoes.info and has content for anything other than shoes or has minimum content for the specific topic ranked as page without purpose or low-quality website.
Low quality content and without purpose are also pages that have a large document, but without saying anything (essential?)
Pages with inaccuracies or pages whose sole purpose is the advertising or income from affiliates.
Pages where the content has poor grammar, spelling mistakes or are unreadable.
Pages where broadcast content through RSS, where they present as their own and do not specify that it is news aggregator.

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Object Content

Many webmasters do not understand the content object, which is nothing other than the proper alignment and flow of content across the web.
E.g. Some site develops an subject where extend across different pages and in the middle there is an article that has nothing to do with what has been started, this is reported as not aligning content with the purpose of the other pages.
Also, do not correct content is content that is irrelevant, inadequate content, content in general or vague information, content that is double.
The correct object content improves the overall quality of the pages on your domain.

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Relation content ligaments

The links that point to other websites should be relevant to the text (key words have similar meaning) links with anchor "Click here", irrelevant links, links that lead to non-existent websites, links that are designed to mislead, links to the hidden gain revenue, links that lead to pirated files, malicious links, etc. are examples to avoid!
The right relation ligaments content elevates the quality, reliability, and the trust of your page.

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Content Update

The contents of a site should be frequently updated, depending on the purpose of the web page, a web page that is updated often encourages people to return if the content is still topical and interesting.
A properly updated content should provide and pay attention, old copyright dates on the pages, the correct date of the modified pages if possible mention of the If-Modified-Since, to date XML Sitemaps when they exist, update dates in RSS feeds when they exist.

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Site Design / Form Content

The visual form a web page based on the design of is an important factor for the understanding of the content but also the pleasant and relaxing reading. A well-designed site almost always looks as professional while raising the quality and level of when this is original.
The form content in relation to the visual elements for incorrect presentation could be, lack of contrast between text and background color pages with excessive advertising, ad placement / images / banner, with the wrong way in relation to the content, poor image quality, incomplete attributes for HTML tag ALT, poor quality of HTML code or wrong code, tedious viewing / reading of excessive animations / flash, non-correct view from most browsers.

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Settlement of website content

A proper website should display the contents of an organized and methodical way, to have a comprehensible way to navigate where you make it clear to users where are within the website. Sitemap and Archive is one of the most helpful pages as regards the user navigation and convenience to find more easily what they are looking for.
Generally a site following a proper hierarchy ranking content is more easily understood and more easily accessible by search engines.
Need attention websites where navigation become exclusively with images, have breadcrumbs but without delimiters, excessive links on a single page websites without a clear hierarchy, there is no site map for users.

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Malicious content

As malicious content we consider any text / link which contain:
Prejudice, reports of hatred, xenophobia, racism, pornography, child pornography, references to citizens uprising of violence, inaccurate information, factual errors, fraud, financial abuse, broken links to programs, reports and viruses on computers, downloading files that have been applied copyright.

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Checking for malicious websites

S4A doesn't check for malicious websites, except where noted or when dropped in our perception of something.
From the moment that identified a site as malicious, registration freezes (doesn't appear anywhere on the list) and if they continue beyond three (3) months permanently deleted.

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Inspection web sites for spam

One of the first issues we look at is if the website that wants to be registered has background in spam.
Main site that check for such a disclosure is the http://www.dnsbl.info
However there are several other websites and tools which help us for more detailed examination if needed.
Websites that are registered at any valid spam blacklist cannot be added to the list of simply4all, unless deleted by the existing/s list/s.

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Other, but significantly

May not be submit websites under construction.
May not be submit Web pages created with flash. (Exceptions websites ONLY for design - visual content)
Websites where their content are written in Greeklish are not acceptable.
Websites are posted only when the content are Greek or English languages.
For World Internet Directory, websites that are allowed as long as they have second language Greek or English.
May not be submit websites that belong to a subdomain, unless there is a diversion from the domain to subdomain.
May not be submit Websites / blogs where belongs to Online Blogging Platforms like blogger, blog.com, wordpress.com, typepad.com, jux.com, tumblr.com, posterous.com, blogetery.com, weebly.com, livejournal.com, etc.

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Particular attention have websites

  • Public utilities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public schools
  • Universities
  • Public hospitals
  • Churches and church bodies

The above references can be included permanently on the list, summarily if you contact us.

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