Hot chocolate a gift from Gods

Hot chocolate a gift from Gods

Chocolate nowadays is everywhere and everyone can use it with many forms, in food, in sweets, in coffee etc. the history of Chocolate is also known very well, Mexican used from 1750 BC

What is not known very well is... how to make someone the most delicious hot chocolate!

The recipe is extremely easy and is my favorite one, but you need the right ingredients like fresh milk (straight from the cow?), yes I know is not suitable for many of the people that live in big cities, but hey, try to look up and you might find someone that can supply to you real fresh milk.

For one cup hot chocolate you need.

  • One cup fresh milk
  • 50-60g of the better Couverture chocolate that you can find
  • 1/2 tsp brown or raw sugar
  • Cinnamon grated (on the teaspoon tip)
  • Fresh vanilla (on the teaspoon tip)
  • Clove grated (on the teaspoon tip)
  • Cocoa powder for garnish


  • Step 1: Add the milk (except 3-4 spoons) on the fire to make it real warm, if you have real fresh milk (straight from cow) you need to boil the milk, put the milk aside in a cup.
  • Step 2: In a small pot add the 3-4 spoons of milk the chocolate and spices except the sugar and cocoa.
  • Step 2b: We warm our chocolate in slow fire* steering continuously until the chocolate melts.
    * If you make many cups and you have lot of chocolate please melt the chocolate first in bain-marie.
  • Step 2c: Add the sugar and the half of milk and steer very hard until become the milk frothy.
  • Step3: Put the hot chocolate in the cup of the rest milk steer 3-4 times and garnish with cocoa.

Enjoy the best hot chocolate ever and feel the taste of the rich flavors!

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