Greek salad, the right one!

Greek salad, the right one!

Starting this new area about food & recipes I liked to mention the right way to make a Greek salad.
When I was living in Netherlands in Gorinchem, in an event, created and brought everyone their own food, so I make a salad and everyone just go crazy!

Many people ask me how I make this salad, for me it was incomprehensible to ask me because it is just a salad! Few tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives, herbs, cheese and olive oil is the right way to make a great salad for all family where goes with almost any food you cook.

I love cooking and at those days it was difficult for me to understand why such a simple recipe is hard for someone to make, although I keep telling that the recipe uses only 8-9 ingredients many people keep using different ingredients or they add ingredient that alter the original taste..

If you search in google, yahoo, bing for “Greek salad” you can find millions results, I read the first 5-7 top results and almost all of them they use in their recipe wrong ingredients like mint leaves, fresh dill, lemon, lettuce, beets and many more that just not fit to make an original Greek salad.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't say that those ingredients do not make a tasty salad, of course they do, but you have a different taste where is not the right one compared with the original Greek salad.

So... what to do to make the right Greek salad

  1. Fresh tomatoes, not from greenhouse, ripe but not overripe (do not use cherry tomatoes).
    Slice the tomatoes irregularly, neither too big nor too small slices.
  2. Cucumber, yes you must clean the peel.
    Cut it in half and then in small pieces.
  3. Green pepper, you can use two types of green pepper, bell pepper or chili green pepper or both of them (do not use red or yellow peppers as they give a sweet taste).
    For bell pepper you must cut it elongated pieces and for chili’s in a small round pieces (remove seeds)
  4. Onion, you can use red or yellow onion, (yellow onion has a stronger taste, so try to adding less).
    Cut it in half and after in small to medium strips, (if is a big onion a half of this usually is enough for a medium salad).
  5. Olives, any olive is good enough, (try to not add olives with thick peel).
    If it is from can, clean the olives under fresh water.
  6. Herbs and spices, one or two pinch of dry oregano (alternative you can use dry thyme) and well chopped fresh parsley are enough to give the most terrific taste in salad, you can also add capers, (fresh oregano or thyme you can use just remember that they give bitter taste).
    For medium sized salad ten to fifteen sprigs of parsley are enough and almost fifteen chopped capers.
    Don't forget to add salt that is crucial!
  7. Olive oil, well only one thing about this, go to buy the most expensive Greek olive oil that you can find from your local store or supermarket, believe me you will not lose!
    Put a generous amount of oil, just not overdo it! You can add one or two of spoons of vinegar to taste (red vinegar preferred).
  8. Cheese, Unfortunately in this I cannot help you, and the reason is that I do not know if you can find a good cheese "feta". If you are lucky and you can find a good Greek cheese use it, otherwise skip this ingredient.

And that’s it, take a fresh warm bread and eat an amazing salad that by itself is a complete dish!

Epilogue and a secret!
In wikipedia says
A salad is a dish consisting of small pieces of food mixed with a sauce.
The secret here is to mix well all the ingredients (except cheese where enters always last).

Yes, this is a secret where few people make, after adding the vegetables, the oil, and the herbs, stir well, really well, until all juices from vegetables mixed with the olive oil and all herbs to give the fragrance and flavor!

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