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How To find Your Google +1 ID

To get your google profile ID for the google +1 tab go to your google accounts page and click on the "profile" link.
Check the URL in the browser address bar – your profile ID is the number in the middle of the URL:

How to create your own Google API Key

To display your Google plus social messages we need to provide to us API key from goolge
The google +1 feed requires an API key. Fortunately creating your own google API key is fairly quick and easy:

  • Go to
  • Login to your google account
  • Click "Create Project"
  • Accept both agreements.
  • Under service list "APIs", click the "off" button next to "Google+ API" to turn it on.

Google API Key

  • On credentials Create a new "Public API access" and then press "Create new key" -> "Browser key" in referer domain leave it empty and press OK.
  • Copy your new API key and paste into our input Google API key.