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Welcome to simply4all.net

S4A is a network and a personal website. Our passion is to make web pages! We love to interact with the Internet and be part with this. But most of all, we love to help other people who have the same concerns about the internet.

An element that distinguishes us is our perfectionism, we spend hours and hours just to make something work perfect.

We don’t limit to above, we love to learn new things when it comes to Internet, programming, web design, and everything that we find interest!

The history of S4A in eight paragraphs.

Year 2000: The history goes back to 2000 when then I start to learn programming, to design websites and everything about Internet, the idea of simply4all was born.

Year 2002: At 2002 I moved to Netherlands where I work there as sysadmin (System Administration) and I was responsible for the web page of the company. Meanwhile starting to learn and make billing systems for touch screens (for kiosk) using SDL.

Year 2005: simply4all.net established at 2005 has their own (three) servers and operated as a personal website.

Year 2005 - 2008: Between 2005 and 2008 S4A undertakes local work and design several websites hosted on its own servers.

Year 2008 - 2011: At the end of 2008 I moved back to Greece and simply4all has been inactive.

Year 2011: simply4all.net starting again as private website.

Year 2014: In 2014 a new cycle begins, currently preparing five new websites where will undertake our new services.

Year 2015: The list has taken place and we test new services.

Present time: S4A begin to redesign The list.

Thank you for visit us, we hope for a enjoyable browsing to our list.

The list

What is the list

The list is one small directory where asks what you type now?

The main goal of this question is to get answers from users or websites that have been connected with social networks and write about their points of interest relative to websites that they might have.

What to expect from this directory

These days almost every user in Internet has a social account and every website somehow connected with those social networks.

One website might have more than one social accounts and the subject with that is if you are not connected with all social networks you cannot see what this website writes!

In this list you can add your social networks and we display what you write from those networks.

The benefits are obvious

By listing your website on this directory every visitor can read what you type now from all networks that you have connected.

And by doing that maybe they find interest what you say and try to connect with you or just see your website to get more informations about you or your business.

Simple as that! Do you want to answer?

User Experience

We design this list with oriented visitors to find goods from professional/commercial websites and to get informations from what they write in their social networks!
As we believe is more fun when everybody can see what they write in all social networks of those websites.

Explore & find what you looking for

Although all of the products are listing in websites you get more information from social networks based on users that already have try or buy any of goods, users they talk about those things and the informations that they give many times are valuable!

Socialize the best products / offers / websites

By viewing what they write for their products and offers from all social networks is easy to tell your friends about those new offers / products and always you'll be the first person to know and to socialize those websites. That is good karma for everyone, and the only thing you need is to check what they write on their social networks.

Or just find new friends

Find friends by seeking specific social networks, in our list, you can just target which social networks you interest!

How to submit your website

The list is acting as a small directory, if you are familiar with web directories then you know what to do, if you are new to this experience, allow us to give you some information.

  • You add an alias, your name, and your email. (The email must be valid and active)
  • Then you can submit your URL including a small text that describes your website.
  • Choose a category where you want to display your listing
  • After you can add the ID/usernames of your social networks that you want to display in the directory.
  • At the end you have two choices, free or paid
  • Non Commercial websites can be added free of charge for one year.
  • Commercial websites pay one-time fee 9.90$ (this is forever)
  • If you have a promotion code enter it, you may get a lower price.

You must know that

All websites submitted to the list go through under strict approval.

If we approve your website, then we send to your email a link to pay by PayPal.

Who is eligible?

In the world of the web, the most misunderstood websites are the directories.

To become a useful list, websites that being added should offers something meaningful to visitors.

Due the fact that this list let to display almost any text, image, video, or music is very likely to get a lot of unwanted messages! We want to prevent this.

For this reason eligible websites are only the sites where are commercial.

Or websites/blogs that have a very high sense of gravity of what they write
(in the sites and in social networks), or they give useful information.

Don’t get us wrong even the best of the best websites can send spam messages and unwanted stuff, but we hope that you appreciate our effort to create something worthy to see and you feel safe to take part on it!

If you are on those categories of websites please submit your site now
we'll be glad to include your website to our list!

What to watch out

Displaying text in directory from social networks poses risks!

We are not in position to tell what other people do with their websites and their social networks, how to manage and what security measures must take to prevent unwanted messages and to prevent bad situations.

If you have submitted your website to our directory please beware the following.

  • If you sale your Facebook page or any other, please notify us to remove your old ID
  • If you change username/ID in any of your social networks notify us to make the changes.
  • If you cannot login or if you lost your password in any of your social networks notify us to remove those.
  • If you think that someone else has taken control of your social networks, please notify us.

Note: Based in our Terms & Conditions YOU are responsible for what displayed in your listing page.

Help us to keep clean the list

We are looking for the proper operation and the correct viewing of the data.
But above all we are interested for a safe web browsing, without broken links and inaccurate data.

You can help us

  • If you find any text, image, video or picture that is not proper for child.
  • If you find incorrect data.
  • If you find broken links or links that lead to suspicious sites.

Please take two minutes of your time to mention it. We will rectify it immediately.
Contact us

Best viewed

When we start to design this list one of the first concerns was to try to make this website to view at almost any browser, OS, tablet, or mobiles.

Is not an easy task to do, and maybe some of the pages might not working as we designed, if you find something that is not working properly please inform us to take action and fix it.

This site was tested and can be viewed better with the following web browsers.


Playground (the blog)

Playground is a blog, and I write time to time what I find interest and useful for me.

In playground users that have submitted their website in the list have the privilege write also in this blog if they wish?

This blog IS NOT an article directory, meaning by this that any link that you may put has rel="nofollow"
and everything they pass from very strong approval. Do not forget this!

If you want to submit an article to playground you are welcome

But you must follow some simply guidelines.

The playground assumes that you are expert on specific topics relative with what offers your website, so, the promotion article must have subject only with what your site offering?

You must write only to promote your website including a link only to this site.

Minimum length of article is 300 words.

The rest is also significantly... Spinning articles are forbidden, prohibited to promote hate, articles with content inappropriate for minors, spreading viruses and other malicious programs or simply Articles that are not appropriate to our own assessment and judgment.

By submitting an Article may be included in the newsletter

S4A sends a monthly newsletter to all members with purpose to publicize new websites and the best articles based on votes and comments that have received.